• Front-End Planning

    Front-End Planning

    Front-end planning is also known as feasibility analysis, conceptual planning, pre-project planning, front-end engineering...

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  • Mining & Metals

    Mining & Metals

    hanpars has developed solid capabilities and experience in the mining and metals industry through its long involvements.

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    PETROFOOLAD JAHAN runs logistic bases and pre-fabrication factories of the Group including Shahriar Steel Structure Factory in the vicinity of Tehran, Boroomi operation and logistic base in the proximity of city of Ahwaz in Khuzestan province, sand & gravel plant, precast workshop of concrete works, asphalt plant, etc. SHAHRIAR steel structure plant, as the key manufacturing arm of the company, located in a 60,000 Sqm area, 10,000 Sqm of which is allocated to Steel Structure Fabrication Shop is equipped with fully automatic and computerized cutting, drilling, trimming, mounting and welding machines with pre-fabrication capacity of 1,500 tons of steel members and sections per month,automatically plus an additional pre-fabrication capacity of 1,500 tons per month, manually. .

  • JAHANPARS Company

    We are a leading general contractor focusing on goals of sustainable development to achieve a better and more sustainable future. We strongly believe in pushing the boundaries thinking beyond the box and creating productive jobs to make our globe a better place for everyone. We address global challenges, needs of today, society, economy and environment. JAHANPARS has brought into production stream major industrial projects and more specifically oil, gas and petrochemical projects through deploying competent personnel and uninterrupted execution of the projects and always observes the supreme goal of acquiring satisfaction of clients and beneficiaries through qualitative enhancement of the projects.

  • PETROGAS JAHAN Engineering Company

    PETROGAS JAHAN aims to provide best in class engineering services to its clients by utilizing state of the art techniques & tools with due consideration for our society, environment & stakeholders. PETROGAS JAHAN strives to improve its know-how, its technical capabilities, its profitability, & maintain its position in today’s competitive market while leading a dynamic & active setup in the fields of energy, mining and infrastructure (engineering & procurement services), as well as collaborating with prestigious individuals & organizations in national & international markets.