Our value

Our Values

Our values are our guiding lights and the spirit of success

Our values make our company’s culture. We proudly have spent over half a century for developing and refining our corporate core values that guide all of our company’s initiatives. A set of corporate values of JAHANPARS Group is presented here

  • Organizational commitment
  • Dynamism and innovation in activities
  • Optimized utilization of core resources and capabilities
  • Respecting human dignity
  • Value creation for stakeholders
  • Comprehensive responsiveness
  • Commitment to Social Responsibility
  • Constructive interaction with business environment
  • Organizational Integration
  • Sustainable Development
  • Encourage Our People Development
  • Environmental Sustainability Commitment

Our Foundational Beliefs

Values of our business that we never compromise on:

Safety & Health

We are serious about the working conditions of those who work for us, and our organization


Our reputation depends on doing our work right the first time and passionate about excellence


We committed ourselves to the highest ethical standards and integrity principles


We constantly strive to develop and apply world-class technology in everything we do. We believe that in order to stay relevant we must constantly improve with society's changing needs


We treat everyone honestly, fairly, and with respect and dignity ,and communicate in a timely and forthright manner