Our Activities

What we do?

JAHANPARS Group has entered into this great and global arena as an industrial and productive corporation by its incorporator companies. To accomplish this, it benefited expert and skilled manpower in different sites and offices of Jahanpars with the prominent, grand approach, aim, purpose of providing services and Entrepreneurship in the field of construction and production.

Front-End Planning

JAHANPARS utilizes a project management system based on stage-gate approach. A stage-gate methodology is a gated framework which involves dividing project life cycle into distinct phases, where each gate acts as a checkpoint prior to proceeding to the next phase. The following graph depicts JAHANPARS project management system which is broken into 2 main phase: Front End Planning and Project Development.

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Engineering & Design

Engineering stage is generally the most significant stage (in terms of man hours) of project execution. In JAHANPARS Group, all engineering activities are being done by PETROGAS JAHAN Engineering Co. as engineering arm of the group, either as a stand-alone contract or as part of a larger EPC-type contract. It is, naturally, assumed that the PMT will have a full team of dedicated, full time discipline engineers on board, and these may well be carried over from previous engineering phases.

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Supply Chain Managment

Procurement is a critical function during Execution and generally it is considered as the largest block of a typical EPC project. It covers all aspects of sourcing and purchase of every item of goods or services necessary for completion of the work. JAHANPARS uses an integrated Tenders & Contract Administrative System to procure goods and services for projects. Our Procurement Supply department is involved in all of the procurement activities associated with the work and normally cooperate with PMT through a matrix structure.

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Project Managment Service

Managing an EPC contract is often complicated and requires special expertise and knowledge. Our project management teams are established early on in a contract to control the whole process from design, through assembly, to start-up. We feature a sound management plan and strategies to reduce risks, cut costs and improve success rates to allocate and specialize in the work we undertake – but managing them can be complex.

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Construction & Fabrication

Construction of the facilities is normally the longest phase of the project schedule, with the highest complexity, interaction and interfaces among a wide range of participants. Besides the fact JAHANPARS owns several fully equipped logistic bases in different part of the country, fast track mobilization, quick preparation of the project site and just-in-time support are vital elements which enhance the quality of construction activities..

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Operation & Maintenance

Our experience includes working in extreme events of emergency by continuously analyzing operation & maintenance practice to ensure lowest possible cost with optimum performance.

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